A question to the sane minds?

A question to the sane minds?

Do Nawaz, Zardari, Imran and Qadri  the four players understand democracy?  Their parties are nothing but their courtesans who keep praising them and are willing to serve their interests.The produce of inherited and in some cases blessed by the establishment their whole lives depend on the oligarchic system they want to rule. Just hues and cries of injustice, corruption and so called democracy which only suits their agendas.

Democracy worldwide is a drama played on the people by these selected handful king makers who want nothing but their own benefits. It’s not by the people for the people it’s merely a playground for the rich and famous to get richer and gain control over things that serve their personal interests . Unlike Pakistan where national interest is non existent the mature so called champions of democracy are forced to maintain a shred of it by their establishments. It’s a shame that a couple of hundred idiots are imposed on 200 million people to decide their fate. Think about it and feel free to share your comments.


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