Idiots for Courtesans

    Idiots for Courtesans


King Akbar of the mogul empire was known for many things but what brought him success was his ability to select his courtesans. Our so called custodians of democracy have failed desperately because of their inability to select their courtesans. Zardari has been too busy obliging his friends and compatriots whilst Nawaz has his kitchen cabinet with a range of all spices and members ranging from Ishaq Dar the procurement chief, Maryam being the sous chef under training, Choudry Nisar the arrogant and childish helper and Shahbaz Sharif being the administrator of the kitchen, with the salt and pepper brothers “Khawaja Asif and Khwaja Saad Rafiq”.  The head chef Nawaz Sharif makes stupid blunders and the idiots surrounding him try to cover up for him. Imran Khan on the other hand has none but discards surrounding him, parasites who were shook away from their former hosts, decided they needed a makeover. Shah Mehmood Qureshi a former PPP minister who had spent ages siphoning money has now decided to declare himself as the saint of PTI. Having followers by default, he felt insulted sharing a room with former PM Gilani, with a blatant superiority complex they call themselves spiritual leaders. Hypothetically the scenario going on is likely to generate the same results as 1977 but only this time another force (Imran khan)has emerged to reap the benefits of this oligarchy. Apparently he shares Sharif’s passion for absolute power. With a proven Jewish lobby financing, he has managed to buy his time share in the media. Promoting a so called transparent and unbiased system, reminds us of the “Roti Kapra Makan” slogan which drove the people against Ayub khan. Imran Khan’s courtesans are none but discard of the same system who have found a new way to feed themselves on the dead meat of the common man. His closest people are siphoning funds from the electoral campaign to corruption at every level. For over three weeks now people have been staging a sit in with absolutely no effect on the government, who wiggle out of every negotiation.


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