A Parliament of Vultures


In a corrupt system there are a handful of beneficiaries and numerous sufferers. The same rules apply in Pakistan. The ruling families and legacies are barely 2000 who are in and out of the government or its allied organizations. These are the corrupt people who actually are a part of every ruling day. Sometimes they trick the people in the name of food and shelter (roti kapra Makan) sometimes play the cards of empty promises of economic improvement, better infra structure and decorative aspects. Some exploit linguistic crap, whilst some merely cash in on their ethnicity. People’s party has been known for its major shift in policy after being inherited by Zardari. These are the people who are in some way or the other in control of government and its allied organizations. Whoever has the contacts and money to buy their services can benefit. These beneficiaries are in mere thousands who control the direction of the people. The international forces have someone or other on their payroll. Procure the services and reap the benefits. The common man on the other hand has no one to look after his needs. These governmental departments are busy servicing the agenda of the rulers who do nothing but serve their own interests. Imran khan PTI and Qadri of PAT are no different. With international agenda of creating anarchy they have been trying to desperately make their mark in the political battle field. They talk about reforms but are unable to maintain their own parties. They bring the people on the roads and sit inside luxury containers feeding on lobster salad and specially cooked dishes sent from five star hotels. The corrupt landlord turned to businessmen are no different, sometimes they want tax relaxation  sometimes the power to manipulate with the common mans interest hoarding and storing food items that increase the commoners suffering and only giving them benefits.


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