The Real Difference between Nawaz and Zardari !!!!

Dr. Tahirul Qadri of Tehreek e Minhaj Ul Quran increasingly realizes the difference between Zardari and Nawaz as his Ahindsa (non violence) policy inspired by Gandhi seems to crumble.

Stepping down from his stern stance of revamping the system, Qadri comes down to constitutional amendments in the existing parliament which just a few weeks ago was not acceptable for him. The problem here is that this is “Nawaz Sharif” and not “Zardari”. The last time an MOU and a few promissory notes gave him a face saving because Zardari has a history of flexibility when it comes to politics but Nawaz on the other hand takes things way too personally. This time it seems that Tahirul Qadri will have a really tough time getting the government to accept his demands if at all. On the other hand the police have been instructed to deal sternly with the protestors using force.

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