Defining Democracy in Pakistan

Democracy in Pakistan has only one definition “sodomy of the people for the people by the people”. In my opinion “if you cannot review your actions you cease to grow. ”

The same is the case with our political mindset they have no intention to grow and mature themselves. It’s difficult to change a persons ideology but it is impossible to change the nature. Our politicians particularly nawaz sharif and his compatriots enjoy the mind sets of absolute power and majority. Dangerous as it is for them it’s fatal for the people of pakistan.  After becoming the prime minister for the third time Nawaz was expected to have learnt from his mistakes of yesteryears and should have based his politics on more solid grounds rather than simply exploiting the sentiments of the oppressed. Maryam Nawaz might be able to convince her father to take the right steps because no one else seems to have the gut to argue with him.

Never the less it’s never too late to review yourself Mr. Prime Minister and seriously consider adjusting your direction. The system these parliamentarians and the champions of democracy are trying to save has become like an old wash cloth for the common man. It’s about time to get serious and review the legislative structure bringing legitimate reforms and doing something for the common people for a change.


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