PIA An Airborne Prostitute

The recent incident offloading the famous Rehman Malik has more to it than meets the eye.Sources at PIA confirm that this was a pre-planned attempt to besmirch his reputation and display that the government promotes democracy.

Sources close to Captain Shujaat Azim suggest his grudge against Rehman Malik due to his personal vengeance. I feel the real reason behind this offloading was not the delay but the fear of PPP influence inside the organization and an exhibition of the notion that the people still have a say in this country which is quite the opposite of what is displayed. The government has absolutely no writ anywhere leave alone PIA. A corrupt organization that has been brought on the verge of bankruptcy is a cause de vultures sitting in every department. These leeches for their own benefits and personal gains have destroyed the glorious carrier which was once the pride of the region. Rampant corruption and constant leakages in the airline have caused it to become airborne prostitute. Nawaz Sharif and his family have turned this country into a personal auction house, providing benefits to loyalists and financiers who have no desire for the country’s progress. A famous program of yesteryears hosted by Tariq Aziz called Neelam Ghar or the present Inaam Ghar by Dr. Amir Liaqut of Express Television was far more transparent than these so called privatizations. Zubair Umar the brother of Asad Umer of PTI is heading this show. When confronted at the seminar hosted by Karachi Council of foreign relations, where I asked him that why doesn’t the government lease the organization on management contract instead of outright sale, he was speechless. Shame on our rulers!!!!


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