Shame on Dr. Arif Alvi and PTI the Muslim Brahmans of Pakistan

Karachi: The hippocrates cursing the political leadership and promoting revolution feel insulted standing next to a common man. A common citizen of Karachi was first forced to kneel down as he stood between Imran Khan and Dr. Arif Alvi right before Sheikh Rasheed of APML started his speech. If you carefully look at the footage Dr. Arif Alvi’s face was exhibiting disgust at the presence of a common man whom they are begging to support their revolution. Eye witnesses from the PTI Jalsa at Mazar e Quaid in Karachi saw him being dragged forcefully from the stage as he was manhandled by some of the enthusiasts. It’s a sheer shame those cannot tolerate to stand near a common man are going to bring change. It’s a sheer disappointment that no channel raised their voice no tweets or objection were raised. These are the people you expect will bring change then the people of Pakistan are idiots!!!! They are all the same with no regard for the poor and common people they are merely using them to gain power and control over the government. Common people in Pakistan are treated like the untouchables in India against our ruling class of Brahmans who consider themselves the superior class. They speak of Islam and Allah but they have no consideration for the equality of the people. Thousands of people have gathered in Karachi to bring a change but they have been blinded by the fact that once a vulture always a vulture.


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