“PML-N sleeps as Lahore screams Go Nawaz Go”

The Lahore jalsa was a raving success, as the people of Punjab come to the roads and scream Go Nawaz Go. This seems to have become the national slogan of the country now and it seems regardless of the ethnic background the common citizens of Pakistan are on the streets once again fighting against the empirical rulers. Tahirul Qadri’s Gandhi inspired protest on the other hand is beginning to fizzle out as he hosts meetings to find a face saving solution. These protests have had a very little effect on the government as the oligarchs of Pakistan refuse to step down. There are no guarantees that even if a neutral setup was in place they would be able to make the electoral reforms as the demanded reforms could take at least 4 years to implement which will include numerous testing phases. Taking a bird’s eye view it seems like the fight of two stubborn bullies in the school playground who are not willing to give up, with Qadri as a supporting character. If Imran backs out now, his political career goes down the tubes and if Nawaz steps down the whole oligarchic system flushes away. The recent international wave of protests seems to be affecting the south Asia after the Arab spring. Hongkong seems to become the next rebellion in this war against oligarchy in China. Bilawal seems to be seriously affected by this wave as he desperately tries to reconnect with his voters requesting him to take in to consideration their loyalties before switching sides. The best option right now would be to wait and watch!!


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