Raised Under the Shadow of Corruption

This would be a familiar scenario for the children of the rich and famous of Pakistan where they have seen their families buy their way in and out of everything. The story doesn’t end here, the politicians of Pakistan had planned for the next two generations to come together and rule the country where Maryam Nawaz was aspiring to become Benazir Bhutto and Bilawal wanted to be the replica of Z.A Bhutto.

Unfortunately to burst the bubble Sheikh Rasheed and Imran Khan came out in the open. Both good orators and relevant to the common man decided to engrave their version of democracy in the history, coming to a do or die situation both of them decided there is no way in hell these corrupt beasts would let them come to power so using sheikh’s strategy and Imran’s charm they combined the two and managed to pull the people on the streets. Inevitably they will drag these parliamentarians out of their homes and on the roads, where people’s aggression might take its toll. Today the crowd is not under anyone’s control, the inertia can take them anywhere it’s just a matter of the right provocation. The question remains who would be able to provoke them enough!!!


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