Extremism directly linked to mental health

In a world where extremism has become a substantial threat, it is difficult to trust anyone especially when the nations become paranoid.

If we dig deeper extremism is directly linked to manic depressive state of the mind. The suppressive and oppressive conditions around specific individual forces him/her to react the way extremists do. It’s not unnatural for a human being to feel depressed but to bring that mental illness to become a menace for the others that’s a problem. In these conditions there are a number of factors that influence the decisions of such disturbed individuals who may eventually resort to inhuman acts of terrorism.   The victims of discrimination, racism, disrespect in the society, Oppression by the dominant system, misguidance regarding faith, Lack of proper treatment and education are some of the causes that bring out the worst in the people. Everyone reacts differently to the system and rebelling against what they feel is wrong.

Some people drown themselves in alcohol, some resort to substance abuse and some become violent and aggressive. Some kind of vice keeps them afloat giving them a sense of false comfort and give them a feeling of rebellion. It’s strange how small things in lives of people suddenly compile so much negative energy bringing them to the brink of committing acts of shame and inhumanity. If we analyze these extremists they are nothing but empty souls trying to fulfill their desires of being felt important and in control. Sometimes they are talked in to doing things by agencies who use such deprived souls for their benefits whilst sometimes they just cry for attention by wanting to do something that is neither sensible nor in their best interests but in order to suffice their deep down emptiness they just walk on these paths. Psychologically the chemical imbalance in their bodies brings them to the verge of committing heinous acts of shame. The international media blames this on Islam which is nothing but a stupid attempt to cover the short comings of the disbalanced system.

The cure to this extremism is to improve the general conditions that engulf these people and force them to commit such stupidities. The environmental balance and changes can help eliminate the compulsive behavior and with proper rehabilitation. The imbalance of power in the society can be removed to permanently remove this extremist behavior. The true virtues of Islam are not the breeding grounds of these elements but certainly are the only cure for this menace.  Mental illness is just like any other, proper treatment can cure it. So next time you meet an extremist try to look for the signs of depression and help them overcome it rather than hate them for their actions because every soul is pure and a gift of the Creator, just until we overload it with our wrong doings.


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