Malala’s mysterious  Nobel Prize, “Sold her soul to the devil!”

It’s an honor to have a Pakistani win a Nobel prize, however what seems ridiculous is that in a world where Pakistan is a victim of criticism and humongous taunting why would #MalalaYousafzai be awarded this #NobelPeacePrize. If we go back a few years it can be seen that Malala was portrayed as the crusader for women’s education in KPK particularly by GEO network. She got shot in the head went through brain surgery and recovered miraculously. Her father owned a school which was supposedly bombed by the Taliban, what was missed was the other girl who was with her at the time and suffered far more injuries than Malala Yousufzai. Apparently the Taliban have forgotten about her. A country filled with philanthropists like Edhi and many others serving the country the seventeen year old gets preference on all who have dedicated their lives for the people. In addition she invites Modi for attending the ceremony while the Indian Army bombards Pakistani villages on the border as tension escalates. The people of Pakistan should consider why the western world who has been a strong critic of Pakistan like to promote education and help you grow intellectually. According to them we are merely the nursery for terrorists, militancy and sectarian violence. Whereas an educated nation would never act the way we are so it’s contrary to the world power interests.  We seriously need to reconsider our enemies and friends!


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