“Revolution Abused Raped and Sodomized by Tahirul Qadri”

The empty claims of “Saving the Constitution” have come out with a slight change and now should be spelled as “Saving the prostitution”. The revolution goes down the drain, as after brutally gang raping the confidence and trust of the people of Pakistan as Qadri tells his followers that they should go home now as the sit ins have exhausted their efficacy. It’s a shame that despite such a large momentum the people were not able to achieve anything, primarily because of the impotence of those leading these protests. Thousands and thousands had left their homes in the hope of changing the system but they ended up disappointed. Scarring the generations where millions of common people were beginning to feel the hope of change this sudden back out is hurtful to the sentiments we had once put asleep. The so called strong opinionated media who were once crusading against the system have suddenly turned the tables on it. Anchors like Mubashir Lucman of ARY TV and several other anchors of various channels are now seen advocating to save the corrupt and futile system. Qadri who was once against the system decides to contest elections under the same system. Unlike PPP, PML-N didn’t give Qadri a face saving which was quite expected considering that Nawaz Sharif is a stubborn man but his second in command Raheeq Abbasi and PML-N number 2 Shahbaz Sharif strike a deal of Diyat or compensation of the blood where the government of Pakistan from the tax payers hard earned money will be generously used to settle the murders in model townx. If it was money they were after then why this crap about changing the system? It’s a shame that Qadri is all mouth with no action. The people behind him seemed to have withdrawn support or struck a deal with him for the upcoming elections. No talk of midterm elections or changing the system is heard anymore, no more hues and cries of empowering the people. Shame on Tahirul Qadri and his compatriots!!!!  Now let’s see what Imran Khan does?


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