“Revolution is not a storm in a tea cup”

Revolution is not a storm in a cup of tea, it cannot be achieved by pleading morally to the corrupt politicians of Pakistan. Unfortunately the people who are screaming revolution don’t know the half of what it might entail. Standing on a container and talking about a constitutional revolution doesn’t make sense.

Revolutions can never come constitutionally, the constitution has no room for revolt, the leeches (politicians) that have been sucking the people’s blood have tailored the constitution in a way where there is every facility for the common man and yet nothing reaches the common man but at an exorbitant price. The people who are standing up and mobilizing against the corrupt and oligarchic system in Pakistan are unfortunately being led in circles. The leaders who do not have any vision of what they should do and what their policies are, they are merely cashing in on the public’s agitation. Its one thing to change the regimen it’s a totally different ball game to claim to change the system. Shaking everything by the roots would mean progressive thinking and a viable /applicable/ practical plan. Everyone is pissed off and rightly so, but what happens after Nawaz Sharif is over thrown? Does Imran Khan have a solid plan? The runaway revolutionist Tahirul Qadri certainly had nothing. Unfortunately I don’t see it so far.

It’s a shame that the people just see aspirations and hopes on empty grounds’, a mirage in a dessert will still be a mirage regardless of how desperate you are! It’s about time that the people move forward themselves and claim their rights by dragging these political actors and their dogs (bureaucrats) on the roads punishing them for their corruption and treating them on the streets so as to make them an example. Revolutions don’t fall in the laps of the people they have to be nurtured with blood. Sitting on the roads for over 80 days has not achieved a single purpose nor has it affected the oligarchs of this country. Unless they are dragged on the roads and punished brutally for their corruptions it would be another waste of time.


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