The Logical End

Everyone is aspiring for things to change but no one seems to be prepared to take the first step. Relying on so called leaders of change with absolutely no vision and mental impairment the people of Pakistan are hoping their destiny to change but what they keep forgetting is the cardinal rule, “God doesn’t help those who don’t help themselves”. Unfortunately like always people are expecting a miraculous turn around in their fates by some divine magic but Allah’s rules are set. If you want to achieve something then make an effort. Relying on these political clowns will bring nothing but despair and promises that shall never see the light of the day. What the people do not understand is that unless they exhibit their presence and claim the rights of what is rightfully theirs nothing will change. A system full of corruption where everything and every single effort requires bribery, just won’t give up. I can only tell my fellow Pakistanis to wake up and realize that if you don’t claim your right and fight for what is correct soon you will be non existent.


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