Playing it Safe, shame on Pakistani Electronic Media

It’s a known fact that history only remembers those have the courage to stand up and play their role in evolution. Having the opportunity to make a change and not doing it is a criminal offence against your own people.

The MD’s/ CEO’s/ owners claim to think outside the box but truthfully they are slaves to their mentality. In my recent experience in switching to electronic media from print has been an exhaustive one, no one is willing to think outside the box. Every channel no matter how small is stereotyping it’s programs by cheating from the others. They claim to need new ideas but when they do they are not willing to change. The HR department does not want to entertain anyone from the print industry unless they have a source behind them or a famous politician or a general recommends them. Most of the big channels steal your ideas and then present them. They all want to play safe by hiring the only ones who have been long in the industry to ensure that their skins are safe. My suggestion to all these so called media tycoons is if you don’t have the guts to bring a change even at the expense of the advertisers then you should close down or hand it to professional management who have the capability of running the show.


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