The Hired Guns

Many people living in Pakistan particularly Karachi have at some point in life experienced the trauma of watching the city burn like hell. The people trained to do these things are those who know nothing else but this. Looking at life from their perspective is a strange view, with no vocational or marketable skills these young lads want to be machos. Taking their impressions from the famous Indian movie villains where the inspiration is wealth and women these young adults walk on the path of criminal life style aspiring to become don. If evaluated psychiatrically these young men have spent most of their lives suffering and watching their loved ones suffer due to poverty. In addition to this easy money always does the trick for them. Trained in the name of jihad, party loyalty, party fund or mere linguistic based hatred these hired guns are going bonkers with the acquired power. Having full support and backing of the ministerial mafia they walk along the crooked paths of indiscretion that lead them either to jail or the parliament if they live long enough. The people who wish to walk away from the path are either eliminated or have very little to fall back on.

Beyond doubt the state is directly responsible for the welfare of its citizens but unfortunately the selected public representatives are the gang leaders in this case and use these youngsters to promote anarchy and lawlessness so the people stand broken down and do not have the time or the energy to look at their misdeeds.  Regretfully I see no hope from any angle at this point in time.


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