The Revolutionists return home empty handed

After sitting in for 90 days Imran Khan sees no hope of achieving anything and returns home leaving a vague threat of 30th November 2014. A great achievement for Nawaz Sharif and all the oligarchs of Pakistan who after long and hard struggle of saving their skins managed to get Imran and Qadri off their backs. Funny as it may sound the people were relieved to watch this fizzle out as this turned out to be a futile exercise.

The government on the other hand has filed charges against Qadri, Imran and several others on account of rioting on the PTV amongst other minor charges of assault. This could lead them to jail, if rightly pursued. Declaring it an act of terrorism Nawaz and his government can legally put these guys behind bars. My question is if you had to go in jail and do something like this wouldn’t it have been sensible to charged for bigger crimes like dragging the parliamentarians on the roads leading to death by crowd. #imrankhan should seriously think about it, as looming threats will not achieve anything.


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