Need for a Second in Command!!

With the recent event of Dr. Tahirul Qadri’s heart problem it’s evident that no party has a proper second in command or a second set of leadership. Should anything go wrong with the head or the founder of the party it is taken over by the by default heirs in case of PPP or they split making factions.  The reason for this absence is that each party is taken as a personal property, a chain of command may be present but it just doesn’t work. Imagine Nawaz Sharif dying, the party will not accept Maryam Nawaz as his political heir and if Shahbaz Sharif takes over Nawaz’s immediate family will be sidelined. In case of PTI Imran khan’s demise would create a chaos and each one would declare themselves as the front runner for the party command.

This pathetically devised party system should seriously consider that not all shall live forever and they must be prepared for an organizational system that would ensure the party’s survival and continuity.


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