Sanely insane

Once upon a time there was a king, a singer was called to his court for performance. The singer continued to present the court with his songs and the king kept promising him gold, jewels and other gifts. Towards the end of the evening the singer went home happy and told his wife that soon their days of misery will be over. Happily the couple waited, the days passed in anticipation but as the days passed their wait didn’t seem to come to an end. One day as the singer was sitting silently at a tea stall the King’s procession passed through and stopped a few meters ahead of him. In aspiration he ran towards the king and respectfully reminded the king of his promises. Hearing him the king laughed loudly and said “You sang to me what i wanted to hear and i said what you wanted to hear.” Hearing this the singer felt his heart sinking and went back home. Imran Khan’s revolution continues once again as he announces strikes revised to protest calls and dates that are shuffled time and again. Personally I have become tired of listening to his promises that sell a dime a dozen. Imran khan seems to be lost for plans and vision, plan A,B,C and so on it shall continue till Nawaz Sharif completes his tenure and PPP fights against PTI in the next elections. The question is why is he behaving so timidly? If he wants to topple the government he should proceed otherwise go home and let the people suffer in their own private hells. Just to secure their own positions in front of the establishment and proving themselves strong enough to be backed, PTI and PAT play the game with the common man of Pakistan. It’s a sheer shame.


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