Common Man’s emotions, played with once again

Prime Minister’s resignation demand revoked as Imran Khan steps down from his only viable and pressurizing demand after 112 days of constant protests. This unfortunate turn is bound to crush Imran Khan’s popularity and sadly the people will feel more disappointed and would probably resent the word revolution for the rest of their lives. It’s a pity that despite having so much momentum PTI walked away for reasons unknown in support of this oligarchy. Tahirul Qadri had proven his weakness by revoking his stance and now so has IK. The victory of the corrupt system indicates that either imran had no proof of his claims or he simply sold out.What ever it may be the common man’s emotions were once again played with as all the custodians of democracy start their campaign hoping for a mid term election.

2 thoughts on “Common Man’s emotions, played with once again

  1. Too good sir … once again you have given a honest view of the current political situation in Pakistan….

    keep on writing like this…


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