Revolution “Dime a dozen”

Imran Khan has finished his 126 day long protest and headed home with a simple warning that he might return if his demands are not met. As reluctant as the PML-N is there is hardly a chance that they will meet his demands. On the other hand the people who expected a change and a new Pakistan have been utterly disappointed in their so called leadership once again as they return home empty handed. All the parties have decided to halt their mid election campaigns and the political bazaar has come to a standstill.

Everyone is saddened by the Peshawar incident but no one is pointing out to the intelligence and security failure of the forces. Reluctantly so the army is pushing its way forward in the operations against terrorists and not bothering to consult with the political forces of the country have decided to proceed with the plans. The distrust between the civilian and military leadership has widened as the ministries of interior and defense try to ensure that the army takes their dictation so as to maintain a civilian supremacy. This tug of war in yesteryears has led to nothing but troubles for the country and it is most likely to beget trouble now. Some people are declaring this Peshawar incident a political gift from our neighbors in exchange for Kashmiri freedom fighters whilst some are declaring that it was the last nail in PTI’s protest’s coffin. No matter what the question remains whether the politicians would rather sell sugar or save the people.


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