Ah ko chahye ek umer asr honey tak……………kon jeeta hai teri zulf ke sar honey tak

As 2014 comes to a dramatic end the world welcomes 2015 a new calendar year with new hopes and dreams. Unfortunately the last year’s baggage was no different than yester years. Pakistan still has the same looming threat of terrorism from inside as well as the outside in addition to the economic terrorism that is running like wild boars in the fields destroying whats left of the common man’s bread and butter.

Imran Khan walked away from his protests and sit ins after being paid Rs26 billion for IDP’s. Qadri took the excuse of his so called ill health where there is no second in command. The martyrs of model town still await justice and culprits nominated in the JIT report are walking free. The capital punishment execution had become a big story but that also is a gone case now. ARY digital continues bashing the Geo network and India as our borders become more volatile and aggravation continue. The foreign office gives the deputy high commissioner a slap on the wrist and that’s the bloody end of that. The talk shows on express television are more convinced that PTI and government should come on one page. Zardari and PPP are not sure of any policy unless the army chief conveys his instructions. One minute they are objecting the other minute they accept. Every meeting is now joined by General Raheel Shareef COAS and it seems he scratched Nawaz’s back so our Honorable Prime Minister can burp and take a serious action. On the forefront it’s the political decision but behind the scenes they are spoon fed by the army. It’s a prologue of the martial law it seems as the political parties are unable to have any clarity on the matters. Shameful as it may be the politicians who had been barking loudly against the army and bribing the media to create a negative wave are begging the same to save their skins. Unfortunately the people of Pakistan have nothing to look forward to, the land and extortion mafia is still burning markets and MQM on a recent occasion in a press conference indicated that the people of Karachi might just stop paying their dues to government hence paralyzing the economy.

The common man still waits with hope in his eyes and misfortune in his lap hoping for a bloody change that would put an end to their misery. As ghalib said, “Ah ko chahye ek umer asr honey tak……………kon jeeta hai teri zulf ke sar honey tak

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