Karachi a Political Prostitute

The city once known for its vibrancy and cosmopolitan status has become a prostitute at the hands of a handful of people trying to manipulate and maneuver Karachi for their personal gains.

Political parties are constantly striving to display their strength in Karachi by conducting processions and strikes. The economic hub of Pakistan still supporting the federal government financially, a city where the Christians pay fitra for eid ul fitr and Hindus are forced to donate cow skins is being completely destroyed at the hands of these political forces. Not a day passes by that the people of Karachi do not hear gun shots or news about some kind of sectarian, political or innocent killing. It’s a sheer shame that no political force has yet been able to bring peace to the city and of course our federal government whichever party it may be has absolutely no interest in saving the souls of the people feeding their luxuries.  Living in a war zone couldn’t be much different to how it’s in Karachi, where the children are scared of going to schools, doctors are forced to come out and protest against their killings, the teachers are thinking of keeping weapons to safe guard themselves. There are more no go areas here than there were in Iraq.  Millions in extortion are charged every day in addition to the bribes and kidnappings. Not one person can claim that them or one their beloveds have not been subjected to a robbery at gun point. I remember 30 years ago if we heard gun shots it would be something unusual but now it’s a routine as we sit there in the silence of our homes flipping the channels of our cable television we hear ambulance sirens and gun shots on a daily basis. Shamefully there is nothing the people of Pakistan can do about it and even if there were the inflation has broken our backs. Most white collar people cannot afford a weapon hell alone pay humungous bribes to the interior ministry to get a license, which is gladly topped up with police harassment and tons of other issues. All I can say is shame on all the stake holders for not being able to deliver a single possible benefit to the place they bank on.


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