A Conspiracy Theory about Raid by Rangers on MQM Headquarters 90

As Sheikh Rasheed always says that the timing is very important in politics and rightfully so, noteworthy is the timing of this operation. In the wee hours of this morning MQM headquarter 90 was raided by Rangers.  The discovery of automatic weapons along with convicted criminals that were taking refuge under the shade of Amir Khan currently under arrest. This is common knowledge that there are millions of illegitimate weapons are present in many basements just in Karachi.

Reliable and unbiased sources declare it a conspiracy theory where by Zardari (who could be doing this on instructions of the international establishment) through some common sources advised Nawaz in the interest of so called democracy to use rangers for taking revenge on MQM and keeping them under pressure hence creating a hatred for Nawaz and the army in MQM giving PPP, ANP and Imran khan the needed room to spread their wings. Nawaz would get the glory of being unbiased and non-compromising on Karachi operation. The army would get its glorification and MQM would be at the mercy of PPP for its political survival. PTI would get to strengthen its hold and give Nawaz a really hard time on rigging as already planned hence doing the dirty work for PPP and International establishments. In the upcoming elections with no electoral reforms PPP would come in to power again. Another speculation indicates that the army is cleaning up Karachi for a purpose that is dear to the international community.  Karachi being the cheapest port city in the world would provide a great opportunity for foreign investors and serving an international agenda. The involvement and pressure of the British Intelligence cannot be ruled out as the international establishment is supporting Imran Khan and has always been active in placing touts in the Pakistani government.

Whatever may be the reason for this raid by the Rangers but at the end of the day a strike call in Karachi has paralyzed the city and people have been confined to their homes without bread and butter the common man is suffering once again.


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