Operation Across the Board

The outcome of every impact comes from the way you react to it. It seems very logical and applicable here as MQM exhibits a strong reaction to allegations and #SaulatMirza statement while PPP stays quiet on accusations by Uzair Baloch. The intensity of the allegations is roughly the same but the reaction by the concerned has made all the difference. No soul in MQM is quiet whereas aucontraire not a soul has reacted to statement given to the UAE police by Uzair Baloch (#UzairBaloch) openly accusing Zardari and his allies of murders. The Pakistani forces are generally taken guilty for torture and forcing statement but it is causing a huge stir whereas the UAE police who is trained to be well mannered and very cautious has a statement from Baloch and no media group is even bothering discussing it.

The media has been known to create and deflate hypes particularly in Pakistan. #Arynews has suddenly shifted it’s prime time focus on social taboos and #DunyaNews is widely discussing against MQM. Express Television Network is focusing on PTI and Jamaat e Islami as Channel92 is concentrating on how to expose Punjab Government and Shahbaz Sharif. It’s really ridiculous how a wide divide in the media is exhibiting their paymasters.

I think the armed forces of Pakistan should clean up across the board from every religious to political organization irrespective of their affiliation with the establishment.


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