The Tormented Angels

Almost everyone loves kids but let’s face it we all somehow or the other get agitated at times. I’m no parenting expert but looking at life through a child’s eyes it is evident that the effect of parental depression and misfortunes has a direct impact on the children be it financial constraint or otherwise every single pain translates to the children. In some cases its genuine misfortune and one has to accept it as God’s Will but in most scenarios it’s generated by the over powering desire of power, money or sex, divorce, disagreements between and the separation of parents is one of the other strong factors that influence this. I’m no advocate I believe that divorce is most certainly a painful event not only for the adults but also for the children who are left in the middle of no where. But today I want to direct my readers attention on the pain unwittingly given to the children by adults and their over reactions.

We as parents rarely realize the impact of words the painful marks our words leave on our children. Looking from a parent’s point of view its not always our fault but never the less it is us who leave traces of bitterness in our words. Adults particularly in the entire world are subjected to economic, social and political stress all the time. We may choose to blame the governments and surrounding conditions for our stresses be they the lack of law and order, the racist discrimination’s, financial constraints, lack of basic amenities and the right to live peacefully we wouldn’t be wrong, because in every bloody manner the state is supposed to create the appropriate conditions. But looking at an oligarch’s real life their children and the one’s of those supporting this oligarchy are no different. I have personally witnessed the ruling families who have some serious issues themselves.Their children mostly divert their energies to substance abuse, drugs, alcohol and unspeakable acts because of the same pressure and behavior by their parents. Their only heirs who is expected to carry on their generation turns out to be gay, their children attempt suicides. The children of many corrupt bureaucrats and politicians are mentally challenged. They see the result of curses in their lives but i still don’t blame the children because being born to a corrupt parent is not their fault.

The question I ask myself each day as to what is the mysterious greater good in it and how can we each prevent our future generations from being subjected to this painful, torturous yet inevitable life. Mere hues and cries are not enough and I have yet to find a logic that would justify this.

Please share your thoughts with me.


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