The Peaceful Nations of this World

I can’t stop laughing when I hear this phrase, as I watch the so called peaceful nations in a state of war in some way or the other for the past 200 years, the top of the list being USA and Israel who have the primary claim on this title followed by Iran, UK, EU and of course who can forget our most loving neighbor India. NATO being the most peaceful of all who wouldn’t’ kill a bird leave alone innocent people or rebels.

According to the monarchy the recent attacks on Yemen to save the Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi who is now a refugee in KSA is scared of the Houti rebels who are backed by Iran. The so called custodians of Islam and wahabiism, the royal terrorists are bombarding the innocent people who are now hostage to a handful of people claiming themselves as rebellions because they are supporting a change in leadership and a possible rather neutral or pro Iran government. Iran being the Shiite Muslim community has always been considered eccentric and unusually fanatic. If a pro Iran government is installed in Syria it will ultimately lead to problems for the royal saud’s who have been selling national reserves of oil in Rotterdam way below Platt which amounts to roughly $3-4 trillion in personal unaudited income amongst other things. A recent attempt of creating a boundary around KSA is also in light of the fear of coup and the fear of punishment. Going back to the time of Henry Kissinger in 1974, this was the time when the USA and KSA signed an agreement that as long as the Saudi’s use the US dollar as the preferred currency for oil trade the USA will protect their kingdom from being over thrown. The economic situation of the $ was much worse than what it is today and this deal has made USA what it is today.  If China, Iran, Russia, Japan etc were to buy oil in their own currencies they would not need to keep the dollar reserves and hence this would in turn weaken the USA and it shall not remain a superpower. There are more dollar reserves across the globe than they are in the US. It’s a shame that in order to suppress the people and save their monarchies the Arab states are violently bombarding Yemen. The so called custodians of Islam should be very clear on the matter that they have no right to oppress or massacre people. Islam is the religion of peace and harmony.

More loyal to the Queen than the King the Sharif government has bowed in front of the Saudi’s and offered every possible military assistance without public consensus. It’s noteworthy that had it been the matter of Mecca or Medina we would happily give our lives but why are we giving support to a monarchy that has done nothing but corruption and oppression against all. Thousands of innocent Pakistanis are rotting in their jail, millions other’s working there are treated like shit and discriminated against on a daily basis. Humiliated and abused they are forced to work in unfriendly human conditions. The people who have witnessed the Zia regimen in Pakistan know that the only conflict and riots in his days were between Shiite and Sunni’s in Pakistan. The mullahs/clerics and so called preachers of Islam are influenced by the monetary and illegitimate assistance received vide various channels to create a rift between Muslims and divide them in sects so they can never become one nation as desired by Islam. The royal families of the gulf act as prostitutes for the international interest of these so called peace loving prosperous nations. They have been fighting a proxy war in Pakistan in the name of Islam and influencing on our geo political stature.

In my opinion Pakistan should keep its national interest on priority and play the role of a mediator in trying to stop this war and not be a part of it.N


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