“British NHS” The National Hopeless Service

The so called British pride the national health service of Her Majesty The Queen of England is nothing but hopeless and a paramour to bureaucracy. It’s shameful how innocent citizens are charged billions of pounds in taxes each year and when they expect to be treated like humans in need they are treated like animals. The doctors 95% of whom have no interest in the patient’s health except referring them to the specialists after deploying all the possible delaying tactics and charging the British government for each visit whilst doing nothing. Each year billions of pounds are dedicated to NHS but the result is nothing but an ever declining standard of health care. In reality it’s no better than hospitals in the third world countries where at least humans are considered patients and not a herd of sheep. Whether you go to a neurosurgeon or any other specialist they would try their best of avoid getting you any treatment and tell you that there is nothing wrong with you whereas if you visit the same specialist in private he would give you an honest diagnosis of your condition and treatment. No doubt they are costly but again the government of UK is paying these idiots to treat patients and not turn them away. Perhaps the Secretary of State for Health Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt has never sit in the line with a disabled child or a beloved in dire need of care with a chest infection or a brain hemorrhage or a possible stroke where the bloody GP has no time to visit the patient despite being called for a week and been paid for it the government from the taxpayer’s money. I think it’s a sheer shame that such disgusting health service is being run under the British government who claim to treat their citizens with equality. The critical cases who are in need of dire attention are delayed by months so the government can save money for it’s so called ministers who do nothing but seat their bums on customized leather chairs and attend cocktail parties enjoying themselves considering themselves as bloody legal heirs to the taxpayers money. George Osborne the Labour party’s personal munshi/ secretary/number manipulator/ accountant, has done nothing but endorse and recommend cuts in health and social benefits to the nation whilst being a courtesan to the rich and powerful oligarchs

It’s a very stupid misconception in former and British colonies that UK has the best health system and its citizens are provided good health care whereas au contraire the citizens are actually considered a burden on whose taxes these MP’s enjoy their luxuries. If the people of UK actually paid health insurance instead of the tax portion for health to a private company they would get much better service and a lot less discrimination.


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