The …………….Pissed Off Foreign Minister

The vested interests of the politicians of Pakistan have brought us down to the day where we have to listen to some ridiculous minister blabbering on our national security matters and questioning our foreign policy decisions. UAE has always been considered the Gulf of Persia by Iran and hence has always been under a threat of invasion. UAE has been very kind to the Muslim ummah and the rest of the south Asia and the Arab world providing them with a safe haven for hosting illicit gains, enjoying prostitution of various kinds and varieties, alcohol along with all the other vices. It has been a hub for terrorists from all across south asia and parts of Africa, asylum house for politicians, gang war criminals, underworld activities. Not forgetting the smugglers who have enjoyed years of up and down trips bringing in all kinds of items from cosmetics to clothes and of course who can forget the all time favorite black label scotch which is more popular in Pakistan than in Scotland, evading custom duties and red tape. Accredited to being the negotiator of the world famous NRO and the kindness of the UAE accepting trunks full of cash transported in private jets from Pakistan under diplomatic pouch being deposited without any questions asked. UAE has provided refuge to fugitives, drug lords, politicians and ex army generals these are some of the more shining jewels in the UAE’s crown.

It’s no hidden fact that Pakistan’s 90% black money is invested in the UAE amounting to billions of dollars. Be it Ishaq Dar, Zardari or any other politician everyone has vested interests in the UAE. The parliament has given legal cover to the exposure of Pakistan armed forces in Saudi Arabia right now legitimizing it in case of a potential threat to KSA’s security. The religious political parties are giving it a cover by claiming that God Forbid it’s a threat to Mecca and Medina motivating and conning people whereas it’s absolutely otherwise. The Pakistan Army claims that they are nothing but joint military exercises that happen to have taken place during a time when KSA is at war along with several of its USA dependant allies.

The low and midlevel Pakistani’s of whom none speak about, working like dogs being treated like ones, considered as cheap and disrepute labor serving the so called nationals of UAE. A Pakistani passport holder regardless of his qualification is treated in a degrading manner and should the passport change to UK, US or Canada the pay scales and the treatment is upgraded automatically by several folds. The federation of states has its own issues as well the fight between rulers and the power struggle is always there. In the 70’s and 80’s the Arabs used to travel to London to enjoy themselves but now they prefer Dubai as everything is open for them and only a few laws of the land are applicable.


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