The Turkish Frigate TCG Gediz (F-495) “The message of Peace and Brotherhood”

Turkey has been a friend to Pakistan regardless of the political and economic interests. Enjoying excellent relations built on the brotherhood established between the hearts of the people of both the countries for centuries now.The political, economic and cultural relations between our two countries are strengthening by each passing day. In light of this brotherhood and the cooperation between the Armed Forces of Turkey and Pakistan is particularly worth attention. The regular visits of Turkish military ships to the Port of Karachi not only strengthen the close bonds between the the Naval Fleets but also between the peoples of Turkey and Pakistan.The Turkish Frigate TCG Gediz (F-495) will visit the Port of Karachi between 15 and 18 April 2015. The visit of the Frigate TCG Gediz is part of the commemoration activities of the 125th Anniversary of the voyage of Frigate Ertuğrul to Japan. During its 122 day mission started on 1st of April from the Port of Aksaz, TCG Gediz will visit 18 ports in 14 countries and cover 20.300 nautical miles. The voyage of Frigate Ertuğrul of the Ottoman Empire to Japan in late 19th Century ended up tragically as the ship was caught by a typhoon. The ship sunk on 16 September 1890 near the Japanese port of Kushimoto, leaving 531 Ottoman sailors dead with only 69 survivors. Still worth commemorating Turkey and Pakistan continue the brotherly relations that go way beyond diplomacy and mere economic interests. Represented in as the Consul General of Turkey in Karachi H.E Murat M. Onart a veteran diplomat and truly hard working soul, who’s immense efforts reflect in the growing cooperation between the two countries.


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