What is Life?

Time and again I ask myself the same question. Putting it in context is another issue but the real meaning of life needs a definition. Please allow me to elaborate that I’m talking about the definition not a code of conduct.

Religions are a code of conduct that gives you a purpose to live for heaven or hell. Being regulated is always good otherwise you are just vagabond. What I never came to understand is what life really is? Some people define it an ascertained time period where you take all the tests and move to another phase where you are either due to be punished or rewarded. Others tell you to enjoy and be merry and forget about everything else termed as the devil’s weapon on thought process but as you grow old you are bound to think what it really meant life is. Is it just life to marry, reproduce and carry on with the cycle of life until one day you are no more?

I am still trying to find out what life really means? Does it mean dedicating one’s self to one single way of life or does it mean that you find the right combination of actions that bring you peace of mind or so called of it. The answer is not simple yet perhaps very simple, I’m still perplexed and so far no one has been able to define what it really means. Still under discussion


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