Intellectual Slavery

It’s been a tradition for the rich to have poor as slaves. Over the centuries physical slavery was gradually abolished but people are still slaves only this time they get a little better incentive in the form of money whereby they arrange their own means of living whereas in the traditional slavery it would be on the master. The economic migration is quite reciprocal to the growing corruption and lack of opportunities. This is primarily due to the countries responsible for creating the difference of classes, the oppression of these so called first world countries portray their images of being the heaven on earth through their sexually explicit and glorified media whilst au contraire it’s not as rosy as it looks. Most economies run on interest and an average man spends half his life paying off the loans he uses to either finance his house or his children’s education. What is their dream? A mere simple life where they can provide for their families and lead a life where there is roof over the head and food on the table? Is it so big a crime that they want a good life! If these oligarchs of the world were not playing havoc with the economies and feeding left over to our leaders we wouldn’t need to look anywhere else for opportunities. A villager once went to UK, few weeks later he wrote home saying that even the kids here speak English. It’s a laughing out loud moment as looking at their cinemas the third world country residents think of it as a bed of roses. The lack of opportunities in the developing countries is a cause de hyper dramatization of the developed world. Shamefully those who return home also tend to boast about their jobs claiming to be neighbors to bill gates when in reality they are just cleaning toilets or driving cabs and doing things they feel are shameful in their own land. This gives them a sense of freedom and the liberty to think although mentally and physically they are still doing the same thing. Mentally everyone is a slave to something or the other, be it a vice or otherwise it’s a pity we think we are liberated but our minds and bodies are slaves to the competition around us. Be it large screen cell phones, beautiful women on the arm, expensive clothes and jewels one or more of these things are keeping us a slave. Engaging us in a rat race the oligarchs play on our money and hard work our lives despite being declared independent are still dependent on things that have no value yet our minds are slaves to these glittering objects.


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