In search of a Better Life

A game or a voting ladder for some but it’s an extremely sorry state of affairs where humans are stuffed into small boats or containers hoping to be smuggled like commodities to Europe or USA, recently 900 migrants died in inhuman conditions off the coast of Italy. The United Nations suggested that all European countries should accommodate at least a million refugees to stop human smuggling related deaths. In 2015 so far the human smuggling across the Mediterranean has cost 1750 lives whereas unfortunately the EU summit offered settlement to only 5000 people.

In my opinion the first step to stopping human migration to EU or US is to stop meddling in the affairs of the poor countries. If these powers weren’t using some corrupt politicians for draining resources they would not have this problem. These economically challenged people who just need to put bread and butter on their tables are so desperate for opportunities that they pay these human smugglers in the name of overseas employment opportunity and numerous other deceptions ending up on boats that are either engulfed by the sea and if they survive the containers and boat rides they risk being prisoners to the coast guards. It’s a shame no one even mentions the Pakistani prisoners being illegally held in Saudi Arabia or other gulf countries leave alone doing anything about it. Not to mention the young girls that are bred in rahim yar khan in Pakistan and exported to rich sheikhs for their enjoyment and later prostitution like many other fellow women of different origins they lead a life no less than miserable. A lucrative business across the board, one of the brothels is officially registered on the Australian Stock exchange and its shares went sky rocketing the day it listed.


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