The Puppets called Ministers

People have been declaring the ministers and elected representatives corrupt but in reality 90% of the elected representatives have no control over their departments which are run in accordance with the laws of corruption by the bureaucracy. I once read somewhere “the British have created a missile that doesn’t work and cannot be fired, it’s called a civil servant”. As nontraditional as it many sound the truth is that these bureaucrats are manipulating the ministers and ministries with their techniques and well trained habits of corruption. When practicing illegitimate deeds these masters of manipulation blame it all on the elected officials whilst taking the benefits themselves. The bureaucracy is installed by the wish of the establishment and the real players in the game. In case of PPP it was Zardari who was approving their appointments and now a days it’s Nawaz Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif who are controlling these transfers and postings. In many cases behind the scenes it’s the army and intelligence organizations who are having these bureaucrats placed at higher positions so as to set them as informers and exerting a proxy force on the ministers. These parts of the oligarchy are very few in number but control the major movements of the national machinery.


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