The End of Life or a Mere Transition?

It’s a sheer contrariety of perspective. The “glass whether half empty or half full” shall always remain an argument. Death as we know it is natural to feel hurt and feel the loss of a beloved from your life and sometimes not even time can heal it or at least as quickly as may desire it to. Never the less life must come to an end as this world is a temporary abode. Death is a curtain between the worlds, some say it’s the end of life whilst my philosophy is that death is yet another step closer to meeting your God. The Entity Who created the universe in stages and to Whom we shall all inevitably return.

It’s natural to take up to a year for the blues to go away but only to return in bouts at different stages of life. As we lead on our lives things of the past become hazy and vivid, the nature’s process of healing takes time and that’s the most annoying. Everyone develops a mechanism to curtain him or herself from the pain, some drown in vices, some prefer to keep denying it while the others engage themselves in work or irrelevant activities.

Whatever may be your way of coping it’s important to face the reality and bite the bullet while you can, because the sooner you realize and accept the inevitable the easier it is to move forward.


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