Prostitution -1

Au contraire to the cliché, prostitution is almost certainly not the world’s oldest profession but it has been found in nearly every civilization.  Economic turn down and needs have turned everyone into a prostitute in a different way. Some sell their bodies for money, some expose it for money, some sell their souls, country, national interest, nations, faith and religion for money. It’s seems that necessity has and wild desires have forced everyone to choose wealth as their deity or perhaps the needs have superseded the moral values.

Focusing on the traditional prostitution we can see that, in the olden days the Nawabs and other people used to visit these kothas for listening to songs and watching women and transvestites dance for entertainment as they had nothing better to do then lounge around and play chess or watch women dance gracefully but as life moved forward the business started progressing and ultimately grace turned to vulgarity and the ultimately turning these areas in to a crime den. Many gangsters, politicians and numerous other famous cinema personalities have originated from this world of illegitimate skin trade. In India the “sanctified prostitutes” or  Devdasi’s are the girls who are forced by their poor families to dedicate themselves to the Hindu goddess Renuka, Mumbai’s in its heart holds Kamathipura that originated as a massive brothel for British occupiers and shifted to a local clientele following Indian independence. South Africa is a natural haven for international sex traffickers eager to export their prey from poorer nations, a nation where an estimated 25 percent of prostitutes are children. In the 1960’s the attraction of the white British adolescent girls to Pakistani men was used for their export to Pakistan for entertaining the elite class. Lahore has Heera Mandi the infamous red light district, not named for diamonds but dedicated by Maharaja Ranjit Singh as a tribute to one of his ministers, Heera Singh. The brothels were first developed by the British in old Anarkali Bazaar for the recreation of the british soldiers. This infamous district has been the home to many illegitimate children and some very famous stars of Pakistani cinema. Long before the turn of the millennium the Afghans have taken the hideous trade to a higher level providing child prostitutes called bacha baazi. The EU and US provoked breakup of the USSR led thousands of eastern European women ending up as prostitutes in China, Western Europe, Israel, and Turkey every year. There are tens of thousands of women from Eastern Europe and Asia working as prostitutes in UAE.  Men from Saudi Arabia, gulf nations and the United Arab Emirates form a large proportion of the customers. Daily Planet is a licensed brothel in Melbourne, Australia. It entered the news in 2003 when it became one of the first brothels listed on the stock exchange. The brothel has won the Australian Adult Industry Award “Best Brothel Overall” and “Best Brothel Reception & Staff” in the years 2004–2011

Greek literature refers to three classes of prostitutes Pornai, the slave prostitutes, freeborn street prostitutes and Hetaera, educated prostitute-entertainers who enjoyed a level of social influence that was denied to nearly all non-prostitute women commonly known as tawaif’s in the olden days in south east Asia. Pornai and street prostitutes appealing to a male clientele could be either female or male whereas Hetaera were always female.  In 1358 the Italian Government funded brothels were established in major Italian cities throughout the 14th and 15th centuries. Vers 1586 Pope Sixtus V had mandated death Penalty for Prostitution although Just surviving for 5 years Sixtus also declared abortion as homicide.  In the 1800’s France developed a watchdog system to keep an eye on the brothels so complied according to the laws and did not become the center for criminal activities. Unfortunately the attack on Japan in 1932 During World War II, the Japanese government abducted between 80,000 and 300,000 women and girls from Japanese-occupied territories and forced them to serve in “comfort battalions” militarized brothels that were created to serve Japanese soldiers. On a personal note I find it very disgusting that people opt to purchase women or children as commodities for use and pleasure and what’s even more shameful is that the economic conditions across the globe have forced many in to this profession.

In this series of blogs I shall reveal the interview of a high class prostitute who has exposed her inner self and some very reputable names in our political game.


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