The Over Rated Relationships

Every relationship has either been granted by virtue of birth or acquired to satisfy the social stigmas. The problem arises when these relationships become a pain in the neck. The question is why do these relations become so? Whether its ego or power struggle relationships develop a strain and ultimately distances are created. Respecting a woman’s opinion is obligatory and following it blindly like a slave is absolutely stupid and in most cases disastrous. Islam declares the man as the head of the family be it the husband or the son after his demise, because women tend to have change of moods according to their hormonal influence. Men however at various phases in life don’t think from their brains or heart but their balls. In the present era women feel pride in wearing the pants in a relationship thus exhibiting their supremacy and power.

Relationships are mostly over rated, where one party is expected to keep tolerating shit irrespective of the pressure and discomfort caused. When it comes to parenthood mother and child relationship has been far over rated than usual, whereas the father is completely side lined. Most people are generally inclined towards the mother and hold comparatively less affection for the father. My personal opinion is absolutely otherwise.  Although the mother has her own stature which is undeniable but when it comes to matters of making life changing decisions a woman’s approach is a lot more different than a man’s. Similarly in case of a spouse the women who tend to earn and become the bread runner loose respect for their spouses and cause them immense torture with their actions, be it verbal or physical. This in case of a man is labeled as abuse whilst by a woman it’s just claiming rights. Islam has designated woman to be the queen of the household and the man to be the king.

Romance and romantic relationships look and sound out of this world till they are new but as soon as the spark disappears as does the charm. In the young age people have relationships all the time and each relationship is to die for, they make sacrifices and convince themselves that the other person is a perfect match. Science has defined it as the role of the DNA which makes the decision based on its calculation with a fraction of a second about any person. Adolescents and most of the times even adults don’t bother questioning their choices till after it’s too late. Influenced by the cinema and dramatization of the pleasures ideal relationships are nowhere to be found.

Patience is a must to drag the relationships along. You may or may not be happy with it but you have various justifications to justify your actions. It’s true that most relationships are either subjected to external interference or social atmosphere. We just simply cannot keep focusing on relationships as there are better things to do in life but in a painful relationship you sometimes have to make a difficult decision of parting ways or carrying the burden on your shoulders along with millions of others. Unfortunately the sharp edged and highly provoked attitudes of so called feminism is extremely damaging to relationships. Even in the same sex relationships even there one partner has to be recessive to accept other as the dominant no matter what the relation may be it must not be over rated or misbalanced.  I’m not expert on relationships but I think one should carefully evaluate the limits of every single relationship and impose boundaries accordingly.


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