The Devil’s Share

Life is full of twists and turns sometimes you have to make decisions that can affect the rest of your life and in some cases your afterlife if you believe in it. It is funny how many times we mention being at cross roads in life but at some points you really have to back off and think twice before you make a decision.

In today’s world moral values are changing rapidly and in the process we are losing them faster than lightening. In an economically challenged position despite your legitimate entitlement you are sometimes put through choices that are below moral and religious values At this point you have two choices either you go with the flow or you choose to stick to your moral values and have very little or no food to put on the table. I remember visiting a distillery in Scotland in 1994 where they common terminology for that the evaporated whisky from the barrels during aging is considered the “Angel’s Share”. It seems that in this part of the world the same term would apply only with a slight change and I would call it the “devil’s share”. If bribery so important to our system then the government might as well legalize it and start giving tax rebates.

Today I came across yet another such crossroad where I was given two choices, either to sell my soul and pimp women to the electronic management for their illicit entertainment to get a job or to simply hope that someday I will land a job based on merit. Similar options had been given to get things done in PIA as the higher management demanded the facility but I had simply refused without thinking twice. Most businessmen call me stupid saying that bribery in any form is a part and parcel of the game but my God says otherwise.

Some people justify it by saying that when you are dying of hunger you can have the flesh of the swine just enough to survive.  But I still ponder as to why have we stooped to such level where doing something right has become a curse in itself?

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