Axact Scandal ” A different version”

A lot had been said about Axact group and its activities from promoting pornography to money laundering and now mere fake degrees. Personally I think this case won’t hold on its legs as the people involved in this group have higher stakes than can possibly be imagined. The real story behind Axact is a very weird one. It’s absolutely true that most media houses were scared to death with the possibility of BOL coming in the market because they were spending money left right and center whilst the others pay one month salary after 2 months. The question is how does a software house make so much money in such a short time and offer perks that are beyond belief in Pakistan. If memory serves me correctly Shoaib Shaikh was a resident of kharadar in Karachi and was popularly known for a stock exchange fraud in the early 90’s. I spoke to a few of my sources on account of secrecy and surprisingly each one came out with a different story.

The most common version is that the present team in Bol network who have resigned in lots have decided to use their contacts to leak this information about fake degrees in order to blackmail Shoaib Shaikh in to taking them as partners and taking the blackmail money completely instead of sharing it with the group as per norms. The sense in this version is the strong connection between them and the underworld financers. Since joining Bol all of them have done nothing but sit on their sweet bums and enjoy hefty salaries, perks and kiss ass of the few selected people in the city. Initially this was good PR for Bol but then as the fruits began to ripen they decided to arrange a coup. It’s common knowledge that their expertise of arranging coups and media trials is not new, they were the same people who were accusing former DG ISI of attempted murder of Hamid Mir, so essentially this makes sense.  The second version was totally opposite of what has been said above. The recent statement made by India about Pakistan harboring it’s fugitive created a pressure based on the inclination of Nawaz Sharif towards India and in turn these puppets received the instructions to create pressure and damage the investment as Musharraf was also supposedly coming with his own show on the channel. This also makes sense in a way that Nawaz Sharif has had a habit of holding deep seeded grudges and this could have been the icing on the cake. Some sources also indicate that Shoaib was attempting to go public with Bol floating its shares on the stock market multiplying his investment but the deal with the stock king went sour just like Jehangir Siddiqui. It is said that FIA, IB and other agencies are looking deeply in to the matter but my question remains would this enquiry result in anything? Or was it just a feeble attempt by a few freelance pimps to oblige a few corrupt businessmen, politicians.


2 thoughts on “Axact Scandal ” A different version”

  1. What would you say about the fake degrees. Is it a correct norm. Do you support the business of fake degrees. Leave aside BOl


    1. Dear Sohail, The law clearly declares not guilty unless found otherwise. As far as fake degrees are concerned it’s an offence and if proven punishment should be given accordingly but the question is why all of a sudden everyone woke up and rushed to BOL and Axact?


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