The Cursed Gender

The third gender or Hijra’s have been a part of the south asian legacy since the times of kamasutra. Sexually deficient men having dominant feminine traits or vice versa are subjected to hatred and confined to selected communities. There they are lead by one or more group leaders serving under a guru. Such creations of God having natural defects are generally disowned by their families and sent away where they are expected to flock together. These sexually challenged beings adapt a typical stereotyped style of their own that has been running in this region for centuries.  Having both the incomplete traits of a man and woman these khawaja saraa’s become the highlight of every place they go. It’s not that they are only found in this sub continent but across the globe. Unfortunately they are only found dressed and confined to areas in this region whereas all around they are free to lead their lives without facing gender discrimination.  In the olden the days they were employed in the palaces of Nawabs who didn’t allow male servants to enter their harem. Then as time passed by these creations of God were treated as low life’s in the culture to only become the uninvited guests at weddings or child births. They would dance and use obnoxious voices to make themselves stand out from the crowd. People usually consider them a threat and look degradingly upon them. A hijra can practice Islam, the protocols are no different for them from any other Muslim, they can follow the rituals depending upon the dominant sexual traits in their body be it a man or a woman and his or her funeral prayer will also be recited accordingly. There is no exemption for them on anything except that since they are unable to legitimately satisfy their partner they are not allowed to marry.

Surprisingly the number of actual hijras is far less than those who are seen around the cities. I had the opportunity of observing and interviewing them on many topics. They confirm that almost 70% roaming around portraying as hijras are actually normal males who exhibit themselves as transgenders to earn bread and butter. The number of people giving alms to mendicants is far less compared to those giving to hijras. The primary reasons are the feeling of discomfort, fear of being cursed and feeling sorry for them. In a gender based society curse in itself being born with no gender distinction. It’s a shame that organized syndicates are running a huge prostitution ring of these unfortunate people who are discarded by the civil society just because they have a genetic deficit. Many people consider them as bad luck and some even feel scared of them but the truth is these broken hearted people are equally humans and deserve to be treated like one. They may not have the sexual potency like all others but they still have the same soul breath in them and every soul deserves respect and honor. “Agar ghaur karo to pao gey ke, har dil mein Khuda basta hai bas dekhne waley ki nigaah ka farq hai” ( If you look deep enough you will find that God lives in every heart you just have to have the knack to recognize it).


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