The Way You React Makes all the Difference

I strongly believe that if you change the way you react and you might influence the outcome. Extra judicial killings, model town killings, election rigging are all highly condemnable and completely and totally against the law. The question arises how parties like MQM, PAT, PTI and others react to such events relevant to their parties.

Protest is a democratic right but the way adapted to exhibit such protest is a totally different issue. Some 20 years ago I was watching CNN and there was a news item that the workers of Toyota motors in Japan were protesting against some issue with the management. Finding it interesting as I continued to watch it shockingly everyone was working at their designated pace with only one black strap tied around their arm. Our political parties have not matured at all over the decades despite being through hell in their own ways, it seems they don’t wish to learn or bother about their voter’s welfare but only media coverage. The voice of the middle class, the party of the rural areas, the religious parties who claim to have Islam as the top priority the religion of Peace, the so called custodians of the wave of change have never really deep down understood any of their exhibited own philosophies.

In the last three decades we have seen various types of protests from displaying placards, long marches (that are usually cut short by army intervention) sit ins and strikes. The question is till date I have not seen one single solution from all these protests and activities. Be it Tahirul Qadri’s peaceful sit in, Imran khan’s partially violent sit in, Jamate Islami’s protest rallies, opposition parties protests, MQM’s strikes and shutter down strikes nothing has brought out fruitful results at least not for the aggrieved. The recent display of tortured killing in police custody was yet another display of disregard for the law by the law enforcement agencies. Personally once in a blue moon these things sound acceptable but the truth is none of these things have resulted in an inch of improvement for the common man. The salaried or daily waged common man that comprises of nearly 90% of the nation suffers because some influential party decides to force petrol pumps, shop keepers and transporters to join their protest and bring the economic activities to a halt. This only results in damaging the economy and hurts the common man who has been ignored for the past 65 years.

It’s a shame that no one is willing to realize that their protest only damages the common man, their supporter and voters who spends their lives cheering for them and sustain various difficulties just because of their political, religious or linguistic views. I think it’s high time PTI, MQM, PAT, JI, PPP or other political, semi political or religious forces realize that their stupid behavior damages the common man and has delivered nothing nor is it likely to do so.


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