A Very Touchy Subject (PG for teenagers)

Teenage pregnancy is every parent’s a nightmare. A lot has been said about it and the concept of secondary virginity has also come forward. Today I want to talk about a case that was recently brought to me and has had me considerably disturbed. A motherless 13 year girl who lives in korangi a slum area of Karachi has become pregnant after being blackmailed in to sex by a 43 year old married man threatening her to have sexual relations otherwise he would have his father and brother killed. The worst thing out of this came when it was disclosed to her family that she is pregnant. The father and the family have lodged a police complaint and the accused is in police custody for now. The thing with disturbed me the most was the inability of the girl to talk to her family and communicate this blackmailing apart from the fact that a 13 year old was consentingly or otherwise forced in to sexual relations with a man 3 times her age and due to the lack of governance and law enforcement this girl went through what she did.  If he pursued the case they would send her from pillar to post where she will be molested again starting from the police officers to the medico legal officers who would fornicate with her over and over till she would regret having lodged the complaint in addition to becoming the talk of the town and being labeled as a slut. If she goes for abortion there are Islamic laws applicable which might vary from mufti to mufti and sect to sect. If in such a case Islam allows the provision of an abortion since she has just missed her first period it could be an option.  One more thing that worried me was the father’s concern that he was thinking more about punishing the accused rather than focusing on how to make his daughter’s life bearable. The father came to me for advise and I found myself speechless. I’m still thinking what to tell them and how to help them overcome this great pain. The question remains as to why have people stooped so low and why is the society quiet about such heinous crimes. Personally I feel that if weren’t for the lack of communication and misguided taboos and lack of education such things can be avoided. I’m at least confident that my children have the courage to come and talk to me and my suggestion to all parents and grandparents would be to encourage their children and grandchildren to come and talk to them with out the fear of being judged or being scolded. Its a really big step but one generation has to bite the bullet to save lives.


3 thoughts on “A Very Touchy Subject (PG for teenagers)

  1. If I were a girl ,I would have killed the molester or kill myself but won’t live with disgusting molestation ,girls have to be courageous not timid and bear all this inhuman things ,better die with dignity rather live with pain


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