Blogging a Journey of the Unknown

Blogging as we know it started when people found this a good way to express their thoughts but as time passed the maturity of this phenomenon came into question. Nowadays blogging is not a compilation of random thoughts but an art form where you express your views or narrate things around yourself in your own words rather informally. Two decades ago it was different people had to write news, stories, articles and follow a set pattern sending them to newspapers and hoping they would be considered for publication, but now all you have to do is open up your computer or smart phone and being writing. Unfortunately what people don’t understand is that blogging has become an art form now and just like any news it has to be dealt on the same principals. Now a blogger is not a part time writer but it’s a full time job the growth of the social media has brought enormous changes in the way how news travels. So next time you have some energy or thoughts, write a blog, happy blogging!!!!


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