What Does Ramadan Really Mean To You

This is a very simple question but with a very complex answer. If you are a part of the 90% Muslim population then it means feasting on oily foods, guilt free sugar consumption and an excuse not to work. Ramadan is a month full of blessings and bounty, where you are given a period of extensive training and hardship and taught to survive in the most difficult conditions. Normally lack of food, water and any kind of vice turns your soul sore. Under these difficult conditions you have to maintain dignity, avoid violence, keep your faith strong and prayers regular in addition to increasing them. Universal energy flows are extremely high, inclination to work is very low and productivity is highly compromised. Fasting is not merely staying hungry and thirsty, it means that each organ of your body is trained to sustain hardship and hence would be answerable for all you do. If you keep lying, cheating and continue disallowed activities then your fast isn’t delivering for you and vice versa. So this Ramadan let’s focus on what our inner self has to offer and how we can tame the beast inside all of us. Have a blessed Ramadan and please remember me in your prayers.


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