Advertising or Emotional Blackmail, You decide!!!

Advertising has become more of an emotional blackmail industry stooping really low. When half naked women and celebrities had lost their charm in to luring customers they have now resorted to emotional blackmail. Advertising for your products in any business be it service industry or manufacturing is absolutely imperative but to emotionally blackmail people is really hitting below the belt. As I drove around the city in the past few months I have witnessed a huge change in advertising trends both online and conventional.

Initially we used to see advertisements promoting the product now we see people being blackmailed and scared in to buying things. If you carefully observe the advertisements now between the lines they bluntly claim that if you don’t use their product you will bear the consequences. All toothpastes claim to be the best with loads of calcium and fluoride but if you don’t use ours your teeth will fall off or our mouthwash will give you satisfaction during fornication at college where you are meant to go to study and learn something.

Edible oil companies claim “only our oil is the best for your heart” that means the other brands are either useless or if you don’t use theirs you’ll end up with a bloody heart attack. The so called NGO’s here are showing poor children and featuring disabled people asking for charity. The religious parties come out in the open worst then a mendicant at the traffic signal. They start scaring you from hell, that if you don’t vote for them or pay them your charity you are committing a sin whereas if you really look deeply they are all corrupt and use this money to fund militancy and promote hatred.

A beggar comes to you at the traffic signal and starts giving you lecture on how you will benefit if you give them some money as if he was just sent directly from the sky. The hijras at the signals are constantly cursing you if you don’t pay them. I’m not against charity or buying healthy products I’m just asking the advertisers not to blackmail us in to buying their products. The government although with absolutely no bloody governance what so ever should at least regulate this emotional blackmail in some way. If not then the consumers should realize this technique and toss away the products using such cheap techniques.


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