Mass Murder of a Thousand Innocent Victims

The heat wave in Sind particularly Karachi caused martyrdom of over a thousand (registered deaths) middle and lower middle class people. My question is who is responsible for this murder? Is it K Electric or its shareholders Zardari and his family, Sind government led by PPP or Federal government alias Nawaz Sharif and his courtesans, ministry of water and power who is shamelessly demanding billions of rupees in outstanding payment from Sind or is it our incompetent chief minister who prefers sleeping over running the show. Its’ a sheer shame that despite everything these thugs are shamelessly defending their acts as they sit in air conditioned rooms and enjoy cool beverages the voters for whom they claim to give lives end up rotting because of their corruption.  KWSB (Karachi water and sewerage board) is openly and shamelessly selling water to commercial tankers whilst refusing supply to its consumers just so they can deliver the share to the ruling elite while the common man has no water to drink let alone do anything else. Children and elderly are dying of dehydration and our Nero’s are fiddling in Dubai and London while Karachi is burning. The so called stake holders of Karachi are sitting blabbering on talk shows defending their illegitimate actions and playing the blame game.

Few weeks will pass by and people will start forgetting things like they have in the past but remember Allah does not forget, every deed can be accounted for and we shall all be answerable for them. K Electric may give a statement of condolence and people will start blaming it on the weather or perhaps even win a talk show argument but the reality behind these murders shall remain and we shall all witness on the Day of Judgment when every soul shall be answerable. A humble suggestion to all our leaders Fear Allah before the Penalty comes on you – of a sudden while ye perceive not!-


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