Are we Genuinely Blind Idiots or do we have Selective Amnesia

The question remains are we genuinely blind idiots or just do we have selective amnesia. As Mohammed Ali Sheikh currently the front man for Faryal Talpur and formerly for Owais Muzaffar Tappi along with Asif Ali Zardari’s manager Anwer Majeed get picked up by Rangers on charges of corruption the Zardari clan enjoys vacations. I still question myself as to what made the Rangers wait till Zardari, Tappi and his sister had left the country to question their so called managers or front men. Greasing palms and confronting the army to gain anti establishment political support our former president Asif Zardari, Owais muzaffar, Fazlullah Peecho and Faryal Talpur escape to Dubai from Karachi quietly slipping away before the ministry of interior gives permission to raid Bilawal House under pressure from COAS claiming operation across the board whereas the truth being told it’s all a matter of planning. Fake hues and cries as the PPP headquarter is raided and only some goons are arrested who will end up on bail and once again Zardari will cry of innocence and suppression and shamefully so the people of this country will once again fall for the trap. As our part time revolutionists come back to haunt us like a bad memory or to satisfy their raging hormones the public forgets the agony they had gone through and once again stupidly start trusting the people who have betrayed them time and again.


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