Rent a Leader!!!!

Pakistan has been blessed with the facility for every international establishment, spy agency, businessmen and elite being able to hire anything provided you can afford the cost. Our recent imported leader on carnet passage is back to Pakistan after a stop over from London to once again demand the justice for the martyrs of model town Lahore, the people who had been brutally murdered on the instructions of Shahbaz Sharif and his courtesans who are still enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Following the Gandhi policy of “Ahindsa” (non violence) arranging sit ins across the country paralyzing the economy in the name of improving/changing the system but unfortunately after cashing in on some pressure and silently bagging a few million dollars this so called flag bearer of justice decides to return to Canada where he went and took asylum years and years ago swearing by the law to uphold the Canadian law and system over any other. This time the armed forces intervention in cleaning up has been much like “Gabbar Returns” but only limited to the touts and front men of Pakistani political parties. The stupid blind people of Pakistan will once again give their lives and face hardships in hope that there might be change but unfortunately realistically speaking…….I don’t think so!!!


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