Digital Indigestion

Just like lactose intolerance but only worse recently I had the displeasure of sharing a shameful picture of a fast food restaurant in a group. In a matter of minutes I received more than 107 comments on the picture out of which hardly seven were sensible the rest were all ridiculous. Someone claimed that if your house mosquito and fly proof, a few extremely personal and decided to send me messages in a demeaning and threatening tone. In the beginning I was enjoying responding to the stupid comments but then gradually it became irritating. This had me pondering on the state of mind of the people who in Ramadan ( also ignored the basic principal of the holy month. It seemed like they only wanted to hear what they desired and not what anyone else had to say. It’s a shame that people have turned this social media in to their personal territories and do not appreciate the common interest. Instead of condemning the lack of hygiene they started talking about how unhygienic their homes were. It was evident that as a nation we have lost the sense to bother about little things in life whereas its only the little things that compile up to make a big difference. Thinking about it now I feel “Andhon ke sheher mein aaina bech raha hun”


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