Water Tanker Mafia Forced to Pay Water Board

Water Tanker mafia forced to pay water board officials to maintain and promote business. In a recent interview on the basis of anonymity the tanker and hydrant owners confirmed that they have to pay the area linemen and divisional engineers of #KarachiWaterBoard each are separately to ensure that the business thrives. In light of the recent water shortage and heat wave each divisional engineer has received Rs. 1000-3000 per tanker sold in their jurisdiction and the water line men received Rs. 500-1500 per tanker sold in their relevant areas. This rate changes with the locality. In particular in KDA scheme No.1-A, this exorbitant commission per tanker is paid on regular basis in addition to the bribe received by the linemen on a regular basis from each house for providing them their legitimate and paid for water. When Mr. Rahim Patel was contacted for his statement he chose not to answer. People think that all the money goes to the big fish but the truth is that a lot of it is fished out by these culprits.



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